Thursday, 28 October 2010

Colours of the year

There have been 3 main colours used with bridemaids and weddings this year. The first is purple. We have seen loads of purple flowers this year in weddings with a mixture of soft country styles to much more bold and modern.

The second colour is Teal. It is not an easy colour to match as there are no teal flowers, but with the use of beads and ribbons we have worked schemes around. You can also use things like Peacock Feathers to add to the effect.

Chocolate Brown has to the last colour. This was always a favourite of my Mums and I could never understand why. She had seen a wedding int he 70's with the colour scheme, but it is lovely with the cream and can stand out so well. Again no flowers in the colour, but lovely to tone with berries and ribbons etc.

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