Sunday, 24 October 2010

Favourite Bouquets of the Year

At times I am always asked as a florist which bouquets I have enjoyed making and why. Here are some of my favourites from the year. This Avalanche rose and rosemary is very simple, but I love it for its soft colouring with blends with the chocolate of the ribboning.

Although these are 2 very similar bouquets they both show by how changing the odd colour of one flower how the overall look can be completely altered. Here the veronica has changed from Purple to white, but it still features the coolwater roses and the freesia.

 This is my favourite spring bouquet this year. It has a heavenly smell with the small daffodils and the contrast of colours is very vibrant.

You can't get more a contrast than that of black and white, but this bouquet shows how you can also gain texture by mixing flowers. Here we have used Avlacnhe roses, ranunculas and also freesia with parviflorum eucalyptus.

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